Pack 527 pops!

Did you know that Pack 527 was the TOP selling Pack in our COUNCIL last year? Let's do it again this year!

This year, our Pack will only be fundraising via online sales (Online Direct), by door-to-door sales (Take Orders) and later in the Fall we'll have the opportunity to sell more popcorn door-to-door with a Blitz Box (aka Wagon sales). There will be no Storefront boothing this year.

Our overall Pack goal this year is $15,000. For our Scouts, we are asking that each Scout set a goal of at least $250 for a Pack prize, with a bigger Mystery Pack Prize if they reach a personal goal of $500! All methods of selling count towards your goal, so reaching these goals isn’t as hard as it sounds. Don’t deprive yourself from buying some great popcorn either!

Why Do We Fundraise With Trail's End Popcorn?

This fundraiser directly helps our Scouts, Pack, district and Council! It helps our district and council by keeping Cub Scout camps such as Cub/parent weekends and day camp fees as low as possible. It helps our Pack by keeping our costs low/free to you whenever possible. It helps our Scouts to improve their communication, confidence, salesmanship, and responsibility. It gives them a sense of pride knowing that they are able to pay their own way and help their Pack thrive!

Over 73% Goes to Local Scouting

Trail's End products offer an excellent return to their fundraiser. Over 73% goes back to local Scouting! While that leads to a more expensive product than your typical Girl Scout cookies, the product is gourmet popcorn in exciting flavors and our customers love it!

Remind potential customers when they comment about the high price of the product that over 73% goes to local Scouting: many times that will help in getting a sale.


In addition to all of the above reasons, there is yet another bonus to selling popcorn: prizes! Your Scout has the opportunity to earn many great prizes.

Trail's End Prizes Earn points as you sell popcorn to win an Amazon gift card! (Military donations are also considered product sales). Get 1 point for each $1 of product sold by cash, 1.5 points per $1 if you sell via credit/debit card, and 2 points for every $1 sold through Online Direct. Scouts get to pick the prize that they want, and the more they sell, the more they earn!

District Prizes Details for district 2020 prizes will be coming soon!

Pack Prizes! This year, we have two tiers for our Scouts' Sales goals:

  • $250 Club - we ask that every Scout set a goal of at least $250 (from all sources) to win our Pack Mystery Prize!

  • $500 Club - sell $500 and receive our bigger Mystery Prize!

  • Pack 527's overall goal is $15,000 - if we achieve this goal, every Scout will have the opportunity to attend our Popcorn party!

Cash Donations!

Our Pack keeps 100% of all cash donations that are given to us. Some friends and family do not want any popcorn, but want to support your activities. Let them know that donations are appreciated and go towards having bigger and better events for our families for free or at a reduced price.

Cash donations are only counted towards Pack prizes.

For more information, see the Welcome Letter that you received in your Popcorn Packet. You can also visit the Trail's End website or email the Pack 527 Popcorn team at